What Goes Into A Balanced Diet For Your Dog?

Much like humans, dogs also need a balanced diet so that they don’t get unhealthy or obese or deal with other health related issues. It’s difficult to always be sure that your dog is eating right, but if you can control and keep an eye on what your dog is eating, then everything will be fine. While there are a lot of things that your dog should not be eating, there are certain things that their diet must include. And the list below talks about all those things, so take note.

Like with our food, carbohydrates provide energy and keep bloody sugar levels steady and there’s the presence of fiber, which helps with digestion. Obviously there’s a limit to how much carbs your dogs should eat, so keep an eye on that.

Proteins are good for your dog in so many ways. It is essential to every diet and helps build muscles. And protein doesn’t necessarily always have to mean meat, it can range from meat to eggs and soybean. Always check the food you buy for your dog to find a healthy balance.

Fats & Oils
We know what you’re thinking – ‘how are these good things for our dogs?’ – well the truth is that everything in moderation is good for your pet. Fats provide energy as well as add flavor to the food, it also strengthens the heart and makes the coat healthy and shiny!

Vitamins & Minerals
Common fruits, vegetables, whole grains and meats are all great sources of vitamins and minerals. Of course there are some fruits and veggies that your dog cannot and should not eat, but it’s a great source of nutrition, plus it tastes good and taste is really important!

Water, duh!
This might seem like a really obvious part of their diet, because staying hydrated no matter the weather is a great way to keep your dog healthy. Always provide them with clean fresh water during the day and through their meals. Because water is great for the soul.

If we’ve missed anything on this list that should be added to a dog's balanced diet, do let us know. It is so important to make sure that your dog eats properly, that they are getting all the right nutrition and vitamins because healthy dog equals happy dog.

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