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Farm Fresh

Our ingredients are freshly sourced from local farms that include the highest quality of eggs, chicken, lamb, tuna, salmon, carrots, sweet potato and more.

Protein Packed

All our recipes are packed with a high percentage of meats that give your pet the right energy, protein, vitamins and minerals derived from natural sources.

Filler Free

Filler ingredients such as corn and soy have absolutely no nutritional value for your pet. All our products are 100% filler free.

Super Food

Our pet food contains the correct proportion of nutrients, fibre, vitamins and antioxidants with the addition of natural super foods such as pumpkin, turmeric, moringa and ashwgandha.

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“Loved the supreme cuts in gravy. Perfect for fussy dogs.”


“Great for cats with sensitive stomachs. You get the right quantity of protein and energy. Pumpkin is great for the summers.”


“Ideal for small dogs. Portion size is perfect. Helps keep poochie lean and fit. ”


“Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. You get the right quantity of protein and energy. Pumpkin is great for the summers.”


Best Pet Food Online courtesy: Kennel Kitchen

Few years, months or days ago, you chose your four legged buddy, or maybe he chose you. Maybe you got stuck at his sparkly eyes and gave him a new home!

But apart from all the love language you learnt with your pet, you cannot figure out the exact taste cravings, treats and nutrients needed for your pet.

How to choose the right dog food?

Putting anything in the pet food-bowl is not a sign of love, putting the right pet treat is. Your inquisitive pet explores every taste and wants to even hog what’s on your plate but it doesn’t mean it will serve the balanced nutrition that your pet needs.

A bummer - An unbalanced food can cause your pet health problems and they may suffer to live, resulting in a shorter and less happy life.

Dog food facts:

As per the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), dogs also require more than 50 key nutrients, like vitamin C and minerals like magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. An average dog diet contains 50% vegetable, 40% meat, micro-nutrients (omega 3 fatty acids for skin and brain function) and 10% grain. Grown dogs need a minimum of 18% protein on a dry matter basis, whereas puppies require at least 22%. All dogs also require some fat, amount dependent on their level of activity. Dogs also need approximately 4% of their diets to be fiber.

Cat food facts:

Cats cannot synthesize some essential nutrients required for survival, including the amino acids taurine and arginine, so these nutrients must be sourced from fresh meat in the natural diet. Cats lack the specific physiology to extract nutrients efficiently from plant-based materials, and require a high protein diet, which is why high-energy meats from freshly killed prey are optimal foods.

Kennel kitchen understands your pet!

Pet parents often get confused about whether they should feed dry food, moist food or canned. This totally depends on the individual animal. According to AAFCO, food is said to contain a single ingredient, it must contain at least 95% of that ingredient, not including water.

Kennel Kitchen® brings to your dog & cat food bowl a variety of dry and wet food that is not only delicious but also nutritious and healthy. Imagine your pet eating food that has carefully been prepared in your own kitchen! At Kennel Kitchen®.

Usually, asking at the pet food stores or reviewing the list of ingredients on the back of the bag is a good start to strike balance between taste and healthy and know the right dog food. But sometimes you can tend to overlook it when the four-legged baby comes hungry for food!

Kennel Kitchen- the masterchef for your pet!

Considering all the nutritional and taste factors that go behind your happy pet, we, at Kennel Kitchen®, retail scrumptious wet food and crunchy kibble for both dogs and cats.

Wet pet food:

Our wet pet food is manufactured in our kitchens in Alwar, Rajasthan with fresh, regionally-sourced ingredients. Our recipes are rich in a variety of options of meat protein - Chicken, Lamb, Tuna, and Mackerel, besides being grain-free pet food!

Dry pet food:

Our dry food recipes are made in the Netherlands with fresh, regionally-sourced ingredients. We have specially manufactured our recipes with a high percentage of fresh chicken, and fresh salmon. Our Kibble is available for both dogs and cats and is specially tailored for different breeds and ages. All our dry pet food recipes are grain-free, and are manufactured with the highest quality of ingredients to bring only the best food for your furry kids.

When to feed your pet?

Pets have different nutritional needs depending on their life stage. Make sure that the food you choose is appropriate for your pet’s stage of life. If your pet is an adult, two feedings a day is recommended. Puppies/kittens will need to eat more often to keep up with their faster metabolism and to fuel their growth. A baby eating an adult food will not get the higher amounts of calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals he needs for proper growth. An adult pet eating baby food is likely to become overweight.

Kennel Kitchen- pet food delivery

You can now pick your phone and place your order, you will find that we strive to deliver your supplies in a smooth and timely manner. On the basis of the pincode for the delivery address, and the shipping method selected, our delivery period can be as prompt as 2-3 days, or between 10-14 days.

The secret lies here!

We aspire to have more healthy pets around and the one in your house takes our special piece of mind. We dedicatedly cater to the peculiar palate of your cat and also your enthusiastic hoggish puppy! We design your pet’s meal with absolute care, nutrition and lots of love!

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