Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Road Tripping With Your Dog

Road trips are great fun, but it’s always more fun when you can take your furry friend along for the ride. It’s not always ideal to take a dog on a long journey, but if you are careful and keep a few things in mind, everyone can enjoy the journey. Obviously there are certain things that you should and shouldn’t do with your dog in the car, but we’ve got a short list of things that you just need to remember. Because if you and your dog are comfortable on the ride to your final destination, everything will be fine.

Food & Water
Just like you would carry bottles of water and a basket of food, make sure that you carry enough of both for your dog as well. The last thing you want is for your dog to get dehydrated and sick while you’re on your way for a holiday. Carry bowls too, so that it’s easy to feed them through the journey.

Travelling for long periods in a car isn’t always going to be fun and sometimes to make things a little more comfortable, you can use blankets to make a comfy bed. And if it’s cold, the blanket will keep them warm. Plus, it would also protect them from the sun.

As cute as it is to get photographs of your dog hanging out of the car window, it’s not safe. Make sure you get restraints that will keep your dog safely inside the car. Or there’s also the option of getting a dog crate, which can be found in different sizes.

Take Breaks
It might not be that uncomfortable for you to spend long hours behind the wheel of the car or just curled up on the seat, but it definitely will be for your dog. Make sure to take enough breaks and let your dog out of the car so they can stretch their legs, relieve themselves and just get a little exercise in. If it’s a short trip, you can stop once or twice, but longer journeys, need more breaks.

Carry Baggies & Wet Wipes
The baggies are for picking up after your dog, because during a long journey, they might just want and need to relieve themselves. The wet wipes are to clean their paws and mouths and any other part of them that they get dirty while rolling around during the breaks.

Do Not Leave Your Dog In The Car
This is a very important thing to remember. If you make a pit stop to get gas or go the bathroom, let your dog out of the car as well. One person needs to keep an eye on the dog, while the other does whatever the pit stop is for. Often, both parties go to take care of something and the dog is left alone in the car. That’s not safe!

Make sure you make a note of these things the next time you’re heading out on a long journey, because your dog’s comfort is as important as yours!

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