8 Dog Friendly Restaurants in India For You & Your Pooch

So often you want to just step out of the house for a meal and take your furry buddy with you, but not everyone in your city is open to letting you and your buddy in. It’s not fair that all restaurants don’t allow pets, but there are quite a few in the country and possibly in your city that are open to it. So here’s a quick list of where you and your pooch can go for a meal, sit back and enjoy the summer and just get out of the house for something different every now and then.

Sunny’s, Bangalore

Named after a pooch, this European restaurant is a Bengaluru institution that has changed the food scene quite a bit. Add to the fact that you can take your dog on a date and it becomes the best place to be.

Gostana, Mumbai

Burgers await you at this great spot in Khar, but what’s more important is that even your dog can join you for a meal. It’s also a great place to just relax and ignore the rest of the world together.

Rasta Café, Bangalore

A Rastafarian-themed restaurant might not be what you’d think is a great place to take your pooch, but it’s outdoors and not only do you get to enjoy the weather, your dog can have a walk about while you relax for a bit.

The Lazy Dog Lounge, Manali

They encourage you to bring your dogs for meals and while there are certain rules to keep in mind, it’s not the end of the world. They have special bowls to feed your dogs and a patio just for dog owners to sit at and enjoy their day.

TabulaBeach Café, New Delhi

While the restaurant wasn’t pet friendly before, it most definitely is now. So swing by and enjoy great food with the best company, obviously.

Puppychino, New Delhi

Delhi’s first dog café encourages you to spend quality time with your pooch while you eat or while you work. And most importantly, their menu features treats for you and your dog!

Crimson Chakra, Chennai

One of the first places in Chennai to become pet friendly, this outdoor café has people specifically trained to keep an eye on your dog and entertain them while you enjoy your meal. It doesn’t get better than that.

That Madras Place, Chennai

This beautifully decorated restaurant has great food, so you’d want to take your pooch along, which is why they have an open backyard, allowing your dog to run around and enjoy themselves while you’re there.

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