Try These Fun Exercises For You & Your Dog This Week

Summer might be here with a vengeance, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t go for your daily exercises. And your dog needs their work outs too! Step out in the early evening, once the sun has gone down and get your one hour run or a stroll in. It helps both you and your dog, plus it’s a great way to have fun with your buddy. Dogs enjoy spending time with their owners and one of the great ways to do that is to make time for them as well. So whether you’re playing in the backyard, or going for a run, it’s something that keeps the two of you close. So this week, try one or all of these different exercises and see which works best for you and your dog!

  • Running
    In the beginning, use a leash to keep your dog beside you when you go for a run. Start out slow, for both of you, and then eventually pick up the pace and make it a fun exercise. After a point, your dog will be the one dragging you out every single day for a quick run around the block before it gets dark, or in the morning before the sun comes out.
  • Cycling
    While it’s not entirely the safest thing to do in India, there are some places in the country where you can definitely go cycling with your dog by your side. Just like with running, you can attach the leash to the cycle or even let them run beside you while you cycle your route.
  • Cricket or Tennis
    It’s like playing fetch with your dog. Obviously if you’re going to be playing cricket, make sure you use a softer ball. But you can hit the ball and get your dog to play fetch and bring the ball back to you. It keeps both of you fit and active and you can even have a reward system for every ball that they bring back to you.
  • Stair Running
    You can either do this at home or even at the park, but running up and down stairs is a great work out for both of you. It’s fun and it gets the blood pumping, which is basically what you’re looking for when it comes to exercise.
  • Long Walks
    If you’re both not in the mood to sweat it out, just go for a nice long walk. Take a break and sit down for a bit, play a game of fetch and then walk back home. Stretching your legs and getting your dog out of the house is more important than anything else.

There are so many more exercises that you and your dog can do together from swimming to paddle boarding and roller blading, but it all depends on the facilities available to you. Try everything once and see if your dog enjoys it and then make it a routine after that.

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