Here’s How You Can Pet Proof Your Home

Recently, we talked about how you can introduce a new puppy into your home and your life. And this is a follow up on that. Even if you’ve had a dog in your home for the last 10 years, there might still be a few things that you haven’t done to make the home a comfortable place for your dog. And it’s never too late to start making your house pet proof with a few simple tricks that won’t take any time or effort at all! Of course you’ll have to keep these things in mind every single day, but once you get into the habit of it, you’ll be fine.

  • In your kitchen or bathroom, make sure that all the cleaning solutions you use are stacked somewhere high that your dogs can’t reach. The same with your shampoo, soaps, shower gels and the like.
  • Get trashcans that are not easy to open by your dog. Kitchen waste can be dangerous, but worse is your bathroom waste that can poison your dog.
  • If you have cabinets or drawers at lower levels, consider getting safety latches that only you can open so that your dog doesn’t get too curious and stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.
  • Always keep the toilet lid down, because an open toilet bowl is definitely an invitation to get some water. The best thing to do is always have their bowl filled with water so they don’t go looking elsewhere.
  • House plants should be kept somewhere your pets aren’t going to be affected by. Either keep small plants that can be kept at a higher level or don’t have any plants in the house.
  • All wiring should be covered and sealed away. Any excess wires should be kept out of reach because you definitely don’t want your dogs to tug on something and pull everything apart, or even chew on the wires and poison themselves.
  • If your kids have toys with tiny pieces, make sure to hide them away. Like with your children, dogs can choke on small parts of toys, especially on things like Lego.
  • Shoes are, for reasons that we cannot go into today, a favourite of dogs everywhere. Keep these locked in a cupboard or out of reach in some way, especially the ones with laces.
  • All tools in the garage or even in the house should be stored in a box and kept in a cabinet with a safety latch that cannot be accessed by anyone but you and your family. It’s important that dogs don’t get their hands or mouths on tools that can harm them.

We hope these tips were useful and you’ve implemented them already or you will now that you’ve read this article. If there are any tips that you use or think would be helpful, do let us know!

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