How To Choose The Best Indoor Cat Breed

In the recent past, it’s become quite popular to own a cat. Cats are self sufficient and often it’s easier to look after that as they don’t require as much help and attention as dogs do. Don’t be fooled by that though, because cats can sometimes demand more attention and while you might think that they are easy to handle, you could be surprised by just how much love and attention they do enjoy. But like adopting a dog and bringing them home, you need to do proper research to make sure that you find a cat that is suitable to your home and your lifestyle. Because to a certain extent, cats will need as much attention as you can give it. And of course there are tons of different breeds to choose from, so it’s important to keep this in mind as well.

  • The Ragdoll
    These cats have long wispy hair and beautiful blue eyes and they are very relaxed and low maintenance. This makes them perfect for apartments and they need a few cuddles every now and then and some play time, but for the most part they take care of themselves. They are also incredibly friendly cats so they adjust to almost anyone new in their homes.

  • The Domestic/Moggy
    Their original breed is unknown, it’s a mish mash of different breeds but are also the most common domestic cat. While they don’t have a specific kind of personality trait, they are definitely indoor cats and with a little love and attention every now and then, they’ll do just fine.

  • The British Shorthair
    They are highly intelligent and enjoy playing with you and toys that you might leave around. The Shorthair is often seen with a chunky body, dense coat and a stocky face. They are great for the indoors and are very people cats, enjoying time cuddling and like being affectionate.

  • The Persian Cat
    For years, Persian cats have been a common indoor cat and their beautiful hair and eyes have make them very attractive cats. They are, in general, placid cats and enjoy just stretching out and lazing around which definitely makes them perfect for being a house cat. Because of their hair, however, they require a lot of maintenance and it’s important to brush their coats regularly.

  • The Sphynx
    Did you know that this breed of cat was developed through selective breeding? One of their distinct features is their lack of hair and their very unique facial features. But all that aside, Sphynx are friendly cats and also very energetic. They are good not only with kids and adults, but get along with other animals. Companionship is one of their biggest personality traits, which makes them great to have at home as they’d make for great company. Because they don’t have a protective coat over their skin, Sphynx cats require a little extra grooming and also lots of space and time for play.

Whatever cat you do choose, make sure that it’s suitable not only for you and your home, but for everyone else that lives with you as well as regularly visitors. While most cats are friendly, it’s important to have all the information in hand before making a final decision.

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