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Best Puppy Feeding Tips for New Dog Owners

Bringing a puppy home is the best feeling in the world. It’s the addition of a new member in the family and it’s good to have a puppy running around the house as well. But there are certain things you have to keep in mind when bringing a puppy home. We’ve talked about puppy care tips before, how to puppy proof your home and how to prepare them for the new world they’re going to be in. All of these are incredibly important because if your puppy is not comfortable, it will become very hard to look after them. However, it is also important to figure out the best and right way to feed them, because at a young age, the right kind of nutrition is important.


  • Make sure that puppy is not separated from it’s mother till at least 6-8 weeks after birth. Mother’s milk is extremely important in the growing process and by separating mother and puppy too early, you could be depriving the puppy of the right kind of nutrition.
  • Introduce new things into the diet slowly. In the beginning mother’s milk is the most important element and as the weeks progress, you can slowly add solids, but this should be diluted with some water to make it easy for the puppy to be able to eat it without choking or hurting itself.
  • Once you bring your puppy home and start feeding him solid foods, it’s a good idea to feed him by hand. One of the reasons being that this action identifies you as the provider and your puppy can form a bond between the two of you. Plus, it shows that you care for and love your puppy, which is also incredibly important.
  • Homemade meals are good for your puppy too, but make sure that it has the right kind of nutrition and you can check with your vet about this. Keep in mind that nutrition and vitamins and quality food is very crucial at that age, because it strengthen bones and aids in the growth of the puppy.
  • If you are not entirely comfortable feeding your puppy homemade food, you can also buy dog food online from a trusted brand. Check out the Kennel Kitchen puppy food section and pick what might work for you and your dog.
  • It’s also important that your puppy is fed on a fixed schedule. This sets a routine for your puppy and it also helps you train them through the rest of their responsibilities about relieving themselves in the right place at the right time. While it’s not a bad idea to set food out in a bowl for your puppy to eat whenever, it is a better idea to provide fresh food and water through the day. 
  • Depending on your dog’s ideal weight and activity level, you can decide just how much your dog needs to eat during each meal and how often. Obviously the packaged dog food brands will have information you can refer to, but check with your veterinarian for a proper diet and feed your dog accordingly.

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