8 Tips to Make Monsoons More Enjoyable for Your Furry Friends!

Everyone loves the monsoon, and so do our little four-legged friends! Here are a few important things you can do to make sure that their rainy season experience is fun, yet safe! 

Monsoons mean greenery, fresh, cool breezes, and a respite from the crazy heat of summer. Not only us, but also our pets look forward to these two-three months of joy falling from the skies. Monsoon means pleasant, long walks, lush parks, and splashing around in puddles! 

But, the monsoon also comes with its own set of problems. 

There are chances of water and airborne diseases, as well as skin issues and pests. Every household that has pets, also needs to be twice as clean, as infections can thrive in the damp. 

So, here are a few things you can do to make sure that the monsoons are truly enjoyable for you, and for your pets! 

1. Muddy Now, Dry Later! 

Enjoy as many rain dances and splashing in as many puddles as you'd like, with your dog, but make sure that you clean them, and dry them once you return home. Use an antifungal shampoo, or antibacterial wipes, and dry them using a blow dryer. This is especially important if you live in a city. 

The high levels of pollution in the city, mean contaminated rain that needs to be washed off your pet to prevent rashes and skin issues. 

A dog's fur is also usually fertile ground for bacteria and fungi to thrive. Wet fur is even more of a host for these microorganisms to wreak havoc in. So, while you can certainly clean them with just water, it is ideal to use an antibacterial and antifungal shampoo, to eliminate all chances of infection. Blow drying ensures that your dog's fur dries out completely and reduces the risk of them catching a cold! However, don't bathe your pets daily, as this could cause them to catch a chill. A thorough wiping down with antibacterial wipes, can work for daily use, while you can save bath times for the truly muddy days, or the weekend. 

2. Always Protect the Paws

Your pet's paws are way more sensitive than they look. Therefore, it's a good idea to protect them before you step out. A good DIY is to apply Vaseline and Coconut oil on the pads of their paws to ensure that their paws don't chafe. 

You could also get them little booties, to make sure their paws are snug and dry. 

Once you're home, clean their paws thoroughly of any mud, dirt or debris. Check their paws for any injury because walking through muddy areas also means that they're likely to step on sharp objects that might not be so visible, and cuts can easily get infected in the monsoon. 

3. Keep a Check on their Ears and Coat

Monsoons are also a great time for ticks, fleas and other mites to make your pets' fur their home, especially if your pet walks through tall grasses and shrubs. Run your fingers through their coat and investigate every bump that you find. Use a torch to look into their ears for ear mite infestations. 

4. Boiled Water for Your Pet 

Make sure that you give your pet only boiled water during the monsoon, in order to reduce chances of waterborne diseases. It is important to make sure that their water bowls are clean, and free from dirt and other debris, so as to avoid diarrhoea, tummy upsets and other stomach infections. 

5. Give Them More Fibre! 

You might not be able to take your pet out as much in the monsoon. Less walks mean less exercise, and possibly an irritable bowel. Enriching your pet's diet with naturally fibrous foods like sweet potatoes, steamed green beans, pumpkin, and fruits like musk melon and apples, can keep constipation at bay. However, don't overdo the fibre as this can cause gassiness, bloating, and cramping. 

6. Deworm Before and After! 

Make sure you deworm your pet before the monsoon, and also once a month, during the monsoon, or as frequently as your vet advises. This will make sure that you keep tapeworm, roundworm, pinwheel worms and other such parasites at bay from your pet and your household. These can cause you and your pet considerable distress, so it is best to keep them in check. 

7. Create a Safe Space 

Monsoon also means thunder and lightning! And guess who gets affected the most? Your pets! The loud noises and flashes upset and scare them, more often than not. Create a safe, dry space for your pet to hide in when a thunderstorm begins. Play comforting music, sit with them and talk to them in low, comforting tones during the storm. These days, you can also get ear muffs and headphones for your canine or feline friend, to cancel out all the scary storm noises! 

8. Use Rain Protective Gear

Raincoats, booties, and little umbrellas can go a long way in keeping the worst of the rain and mud off your pet. Check out the options available in the market, and pick one, basis the size of your pet. Let your pet wear them around the house, so that they can get used to the rain gear, before you take them out 

Follow these tips and enjoy the monsoon to the fullest! Remember to take your pets to the vet, as soon as any issue crops up. Also, ensure that your pet is eating a balanced diet, which has all the vitamins and nutrition they need, to keep monsoon illnesses at bay. 

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