10 Easy Homemade Fishy Treats Your Cat Will Love!


Salmon, tuna, cheese, catnip, these simple DIY treats have them all! Treat your cat, or train them, whatever your intentions, your feline friends are going to love these!


Everyone loves a good treat now and then. Why should cats be any different? Homemade treats can make your kitty feel like they're getting all the love they deserve. You can use treats to reward your cat for good behaviour or use them to teach the cat new skills, or to keep their teeth clean.

You could also choose your cat's favourite foods to make these treats. All you need to do is make sure that your cats get enough moisture, so too many grain or cereal-based foods aren't particularly good for them.

Check out these 7 recipes that will make your cat very, very happy:

1. Cheesy Goodness

Combine two varieties of cheese, yoghurt, flour, cornmeal and water into simple, yet satisfying snacks that your cat will love. Firm on the outside, gooey on the inside, here where you can find the recipe: http://www.cowboyway.com/Recipes/HomemadeCatTreats.htm

2. Yummy Tuna Cookies

Ever wanted to make cookies for your cat? Well, we'll tell you how. All you need is flour, oil, eggs and tuna. Check out the recipe here and leave your cat wanting more:

3. Catnip Crumbles

All you need for this yummy recipe is ground meat (chicken, mutton or beef), catnip and eggs. You can sprinkle this crumble over dry food or mix it with wet food, or serve as is! Do note that this recipe requires refrigeration. Check it out here:

4. Chewy Tuna Treats

This yummy, chewy recipe uses baby food or wet cat food as a base and includes parsley, rice and flour. Your cats are going to be busy chomping these delectable treats for hours! Check them out

5. Fish and Coconut Croutons

Your cat will go nuts for these crunchy croutons! You'll rest easy knowing you can keep these little homemade treats in the fridge for about a week.

6. Spinach and Chicken Treats

Did you know that your cats' treats could be healthy and green just as much as they're tasty? This recipe will not just leave your cats wanting more, but will also give them some nutrition!

7. Nutritious No-Bake Tuna Balls for Cats

These awesome no-bake treats are super easy to make, and require none of the fuss that comes with baking! Short on time? Give this easy recipe a shot!

8. Frozen Tuna Treats

Sometimes, your cats need a little frozen something. Why not try out this freezer-friendly recipe that involves tuna and ice trays?

9. Kitty Catnip Tonic

Chicken soup isn't just for the human soul, it's also super comforting on a rainy day, for your cats. All you need is some chicken, catnip and chicken broth.

10. Simple Pet Stir-fry with Chicken and Bacon

Love a good stir fry? Now learn how to make one for your furry friends! As an added bonus, you could toss in veggies that are good for your cat, such as carrots, broccoli, asparagus and green beans.

Here's hoping your cats will love all these treats, but do be careful to not use ingredients that can be harmful for cats. Also, try to use less oil and very little salt for all your feline goodies!

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