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Wet Dog Food

At any given mealtime, the strong aroma and texture of wet food become a dog's favorite meal. Additionally, the most healthy wet dog food brands equally emphasize on enriching a canine with the highest nutritional value.

At Kennel Kitchen, we always strive to provide the best wet dog food in our wide variety of wet dog food, which not only makes mealtimes interesting but also fulfils the complete nutritional requirements for all canines in their puppyhood and adulthood.

But before you make up your mind, here’s what you need to know.

Why is Wet Dog Food Essential?

Dry food for your dog can sometimes be boring to eat or tough to chew. A smarter alternative to it is, feeding your dog wet food. It is also a wholesome alternative for your dog as canned dog food contains more essential ingredients such as protein and fat than dry dog food.

Kennel Kitchen Provides Hydration

Easily available in two variants - cans & pouches, Kennel Kitchen’s wet dog food is high in water content and serves as a great option if your dog’s not getting enough H2O. In summers, you can help your furry friend beat the heat with our wet food, as it is easy to digest and chew.

Kennel Kitchen Provides Nourishment

All our recipes are formulated with a limited number of carefully selected low glycemic ingredients and contain superfoods such as pumpkin, turmeric and amla. We offer your companion the most natural diet he deserves by ensuring a high percentage of protein-rich, fresh meat – Chicken, lamb or fish in our wet dog food.

Kennel Kitchen Ensures Preservative-free Food

Give your canine friend unforgettably delicious meals with Kennel Kitchen’s preservative-free and grain-free wet dog food. You can serve our wet dog food as is, or mix it with our dry food range to give your doggie’s meals a dash of something extra. We never use fillers - corn, soy and wheat and only use fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The Best of Both Worlds: Kennel Kitchen

Whether it’s mixing our wet dog food with your dog’s dry food or serving it as a special treat occasionally, feed him the best of both worlds only with Kennel Kitchen.