The Basics Of Bringing A New Puppy Into Your Home

Whether you’re adopting a new puppy or welcoming one into the family, it’s very important to keep certain things in mind. Puppies are a lot like babies, they’re curious and they want to learn about everything they can get their paws on, but it’s important to make sure that they don’t get too ahead of themselves. And it’s your job to make your home comfortable and easy living for them.

The first few weeks with your new puppy are truly the most important. It takes time for everyone, including you, to learn these things but it will be worth it in the end.

  1. Names: It is so important to give your puppy a name, and make sure that when interacting with the puppy everybody uses the name.
  2. Sleeping arrangements: Get a crate for your puppy and make sure that he or she sleeps in your room with you. They might need constant attention, even at night, and given that it’s a new place, you’ll need to make sure that they are comfortable.
  3. Do not leave your puppy alone: The first few days and weeks, your puppy will need your attention. Always supervise where they are going and mark off the areas where they are not allowed. Leaving them alone will strain the relationship you’re trying to build with them.
  4. Take your puppy to the vet: In the initial stages, your puppy will need to be checked out thoroughly by a vet. It might take more than one visit, but it will also familiarise the new member of the family with the doctor looking after them.
  5. Introduce them to everyone else: If you have other pets at home, once the trip to the vet is complete and vaccinations and the like are done, it’s important to get everyone in the house familiar with the puppy. Not just other pets even, introduce the puppy to the rest of the family too!
  6. Training must not be delayed: It’s important for your puppy to know the tricks of the trade. Where can he pee, where can he go, what can he eat, what can he do and the like. If you start early enough, your puppy will remember these things and keep them in mind for the future.
  7. Bond with your puppy! Don’t get too caught up in all the things that you should be doing with your puppy and forget to cuddle and have fun with them. Your puppy needs your attention and your love as much as possible.
  8. Keep dangerous things away: Like we said, puppies are curious and they will stick their noses where it doesn’t belong. Anything dangerous like cleaning solution and poison needs to be hidden in higher spots so the puppy can’t get to it.

There are so many great tips to keep in mind, but the most important thing is to enjoy the time with your puppy. They are now part of your family and care and love is so important, don’t miss out on these moments.

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