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Here’s How You Can Manage Your Easily Excitable Dog

To some, a jumpy and excited dog is a good thing, but it’s not always a positive thing. Sometimes if your dog is running around in circles or playfully nipping at your or others, you’d assume that your dog is just having a good time. But there are instances when this is not the case. An overly excitable and hyper dog needs to have a balance. Over excitement can also lead to aggressive behavior and it’s important to curb that at the beginning, instead of waiting till something happens. That’s not to say that your dog shouldn’t get excited, but there’s a line to draw between excited and over-excited. Here are some relatively simple ways to get your dog to calm down a little, instead of bouncing around all the time.

Don’t excite your dog

This might be the hardest thing to do when your dog is already in an excitable mood, but don’t give him too much affection or attention because that only encourages them further. While you can talk your dog down, it isn’t something that is always going to work. Ignore them when they get overly excited, look the other way, continue on with your day and your activities. Eventually they will get the hint and slowly calm down.

Calm your dog

We’ve talked about the ‘reward system’ before and that can come in handy here. You can reward your dog when he’s calm and relaxed, and refuse to hand over treats when in an excitable mood. By ignoring them when excited and being attentive when calm, your dog will understand that calm is a win-win situation for them.

Wear them out

Excitable dogs are physically active and incredibly hyper, which means that you can continue to ignore them, letting them wear themselves out. While letting them run around in the backyard isn’t a bad idea, it might be better if you take them for a walk. Put the leash on them, go for a walk and get as much exercise in as possible, with the promise of a treat or something good waiting at home later.

Play games

This might contradict what we said earlier, but the point of playing these games is to keep your dog’s mind busy and it keeps them focused, instead of erratic. Playing fetch, searching for something are all fun activities, but obviously you need to know when to stop. If the activities and games make them more hyper, you end it right away. Eventually you and your dog will come to an understanding and find a balance.

Calm yourself

Dogs are very perceptive to our moods, so if you’re in an agitated state your dog could reflect that as well. Some dogs will sense your mood and behave the opposite to help you feel better, but in other cases it might be the opposite. So you need to stay calm as much as helping your dog stay calm.

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