6 Great Tips To Look After Your Furry Friend This Summer

Summer is hard on everyone and it’s even harder on our pets. Being outdoors is fun for them and staying locked up sometimes makes them miserable. So to avoid keeping them locked away in an AC room all day and depriving them of their outdoor time, it’s important to find ways to keep them cool while they’re outdoors. Not all pets are going to be happy doing the things you want for their well being, but it is very important to at least try. Your furry friends are part of the family anyway, so why not help them out a little by finding easy and effective ways of keeping them cool.

  1. Fresh Water

It is so important to make sure that their bowls are filled with fresh water all the time. Like with us, hydration is key to staying cool during the summer. Adding a few ice cubes into the water to keep it cold won’t hurt either. And more than that, you must keep an eye on them and make sure that they are drinking water. Sometimes the heat can wear them out and they might get too tired, but the water is what will really help them feel better.

  1. Using a kiddie pool

Bath time is also crucial and what you can do to make it more fun and interesting is just fill a kiddie pool with water and leave it somewhere close to where they’re going to play. That way they jump in whenever they feel like it without having to be forced into a bath. Like drinking water, the water in the pool will cool them from the outside!

  1. Late evening walks

Instead of going for long walks in the morning in the blazing sun, step out after the sun goes down. Pick 6pm as a good time to step out with your pet and take a leisurely stroll instead of the usual speed-walking. You’re not on a mission, you’re just stretching your legs.

  1. Hair cuts

If you have a hairy pet, trimming the hair or a close shave will help drastically. Grooming your pet is very important, but don’t cut the fur down to the skin, because that could also give them sunburn and that would be so much worse!

  1. Treats!

Feed them cool foods and if and when possible, freeze the food they’re going to be eating. The broth that you might make for your furry friend can be frozen and then fed to them, so it’s cold, liquid and still has all the nutrients that they need.

  1. Don’t leave your dog in the car

This is a no-brainer for dog owners. Keeping your dog in the car is the biggest mistake. Even if you say that you’re going to crack open a window, it won’t help. Keep them indoors as much as possible, because inside a car it’s hotter than it is outside.

Got more tips for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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