• What is your return policy?

    We use the most premium quality ingredients in all Kennel Kitchen recipe's. Our mission is to ensure that pets enjoy their Kennel Kitchen food and treats. However, if for some reason your pet does not agree with Kennel Kitchen food, we will give you a full refund. Please contact us at care@kennelkitchen.com. Please note, if you have made multiple orders, then we can only refund the amount for the last order.

  • Does the product need to be returned to get the full refund?

    No we do not want you to return the product.

Rewards Program

  • Does Kennel kitchen have a rewards program?

    Yes, Kennel Kitchen has a rewards program. You can earn Kk points with every order. These can be redeemed on our website.

  • Does Kennel Kitchen have a refferel program?

    Yes, You get Rs.300 off coupon for referring someone to Kennel Kitchen.

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