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Homemade Dog Food Online

Your canine companion is a huge part of your family and he shows his love in many heartwarming ways. He happily accompanies you wherever you go, senses when to give you cuddles and uplifts your mood when you need it most. For all these beautiful things he does, he deserves to be rewarded with only the best natural dog food.

Your dog derives most of the nutrients in his body from the food he eats and for him to stay strong and healthy, you need to feed him food which is as safe, hygienic, fresh and nutritional as homemade dog food.

At Kennel Kitchen, we understand the value of your dog’s health and his important role in your life. This is why we have formulated a wide range of dog food to meet your dog’s daily dietary requirements in a wholesome way. Read more to find out.

Kennel Kitchen’s Dry Dog Food

Manufactured in the Netherlands, Kennel Kitchen dry dog food range has grain free dog food with limited ingredients suitable for dogs and puppies with sensitivities and food allergies. Our dry food is the most convenient dog food and is a great meaty and crunchy snack for your buddy. We make sure our dry food recipes have a high percentage of freshly sourced chicken or salmon and an ample amount of superfoods, fruits and vegetables. This range is tailor-made for dogs and puppies of all ages, breeds and sizes.

Kennel Kitchen’s Wet Dog Food

Made with love in India, Kennel Kitchen’s wet food range is packaged in two types of variants: canned dog food and pouches. These are healthy, easily digestible and nutritious for your dog and are handy, easy to open and store. Our wet dog food range has a variety of flavours in gravy-licious meals, meaty chunks, delicious dinners and casserole with essential ingredients and superfoods. Feed them as it is or add them in our dry dog food to ensure a fresh and interesting mealtime to relish for your dog.

Kennel Kitchen’s Gourmet Food

Kennel Kitchen specially crafts premium food for dogs and puppies to satiate their desires of enjoying a feast, when they have had enough of daily meals. Our gourmet food is made in India and is a fine selection of various protein-rich meaty flavours combined with the power of

Kennel Kitchen - The Best Dog Food

Whether it’s crunchy kibbles or delicious wet food, leave him spoilt for choice with our best dog food. Fulfil your furry friend’s desires naturally with Kennel Kitchen’s preservative-free, grain-free and filler-free range of dog food. Find the most natural and wholesome dog food here, at Kennel Kitchen.