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Dry Dog Food

Unlike wet food, it’s always easy and convenient to feed dry food at any given time. It also doesn’t require refrigeration and can be mixed with wet dog food. When searching for the best dry dog food, it’s important to choose food which adheres to your dog’s or puppy’s age, breed, size, weight and energy levels.

Kennel Kitchen formulates recipes with high-quality ingredients and provides your dog or puppy with well-balanced and nutritious meals every time. Read on to find out more about what makes our dry dog food #1.


Kennel Kitchen’s dry food recipes are manufactured in the Netherlands with fresh regional ingredients. We carefully select partners which supply premium-quality meat, fruits and vegetables and thus ensure every ingredient is fresh from our trusted sources.

Single Source Protein

The #1 ingredient in Kennel Kitchen’s dry food range is always fresh chicken or fresh salmon. Only one source of premium quality meat goes into each of the varieties to promote proper growth, healthy coat, muscle conditioning and maintenance of ideal weight and body.

Nutritionally Complete

Kennel Kitchen carefully selects nutritionally essential superfoods, fruits and vegetables. These are rich in antioxidants, different types of vitamins and minerals and help improve your dog’s or puppy’s physical functions, boost immunity and overall growth.

Limited Ingredients

All Kennel Kitchen recipes are crafted with limited ingredients to eliminate chances of allergy. If your dog or puppy is allergic to multiple ingredients, our limited ingredient recipes will provide him optimum and complete nutrition without any side effects to his health.


The healthiest dry dog food is made health-specific and takes in considerations allergies to ingredients like wheat, corn or soy. Kennel Kitchen’s dry food is never made with grains, wheat, corn or soy and is well suited for dogs or puppies who are allergic to wheat or gluten.

Kennel Kitchen - The Best Dry Dog Food For Your Pooch!

From dry puppy food to dry adult dog food, Kennel Kitchen provides a variety of options in dry dog food, specially tailored to suit different breeds and ages. So, daily serve your buddy a wholesome bowl of nourishment and nutrition with Kennel Kitchen recipes.