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Adult Dog Food

Dogs fill our lives with unconditional love. It’s only natural that we reciprocate that love by keeping them healthy and happy with the healthiest dog food.

Feeding a combination of wet and dry food helps ensure your dog gets plenty of hydration and nourishment in his diet. Therefore, it’s essential to select a high-quality dog food that caters to all your dog’s needs.

Essential Ingredients To Look For


A high percentage of fresh meat in your dog’s food is necessary to keep him energetic. Kennel Kitchen’s wide range of dry and wet adult dog food is high in single-sourced, animal-based protein. This means, only one source of premium quality meat goes into each of the varieties to promote a healthy coat, muscle conditioning and maintenance of ideal weight and body.

Superfoods, Fruits & Vegetables

Your dog’s food should be rich in antioxidants, different types of vitamins and minerals. All Kennel Kitchen recipes include superfoods such as celery, spirulina, thyme, basil etc. , fruits and vegetables, which improve his physical functions, boost immunity and overall growth.

Ingredients To Avoid


It’s safe and best when your dog’s food doesn’t contain any preservatives. All Kennel Kitchen recipes ensure a limited ingredient diet and are made with regionally sourced fresh ingredients without preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.

Fillers - Corn, Soy & Wheat

Fillers such as corn, soy and wheat have no nutritional value and can be hard to digest or cause allergies. All Kennel Kitchen recipes are prepared with only the finest and wholesome ingredients to offer you the best senior dog food and adult dog food.

Kennel Kitchen - The Best Adult Dog Food

Our dry food is manufactured in the Netherlands and is tailor-made for small breed and large breed adult dogs with easy to chew kibbles containing superfoods and variety in animal-protein. While our wet dog food is made in India with delicious options of meaty chunks, lamb dinner, fresh vegetables and supreme cuts in gravy.

Both dog food options provide 100% complete and balanced and add a great, nutritional variety to your dog’s dietary needs. From the best adult dog food to senior dog food, you’ll find the healthiest range at Kennel Kitchen.