Our Dry Food Formula

Dry Food

Fresh Ingredients

No. 1 Ingredient in our recipe’s is always fresh chicken or salmon.

Dry Food

Made in Netherlands

Our dry food recipe’s are manufactured in Netherlands with fresh regional ingredients.

Dry Food

Grain free

Never made with grains, corn or soy.

Dry Food

Ingredient Recipe

All our recipe’s are formulated with limited number of carefully selected ingredients in order to provide optimum and complete nutrition for your pets. Our no.1 ingredient is always fresh chicken or salmon.

Dry Food

Slow dried
Chicken / Salmon

Typically meat meals are rendered at high temperatures. Kennel Kitchen recipe’s are composed of fresh chicken or salmon that is air dried at a low temperature, which helps in preserving the nutritional quality of the chicken or salmon.

Dry Food

Super Foods

Packed with Spriluina, Echinacea, Celery, Glucosamine, Chondriotin, Thyme, Basil, Flax Seeds, Carrot, Nettle, Prunes, Mango and Cranberry. Kennel Kitchen recipe’s contain a variety of super foods that are essential for your pets health.



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Dry Kitten Food

Kittens are pure bundles of joy and watching them grow is an absolute delight. Their growth is as important as your love for them. Feeding the best dry kitten food to our furry ones is of utmost importance. To ensure a lifetime of good health and never ending purrs, we need to feed them a meal with high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals.

To support your kitten’s growth, it is essential to know the source of these requirements. And to educate ourselves on how to meet their needs adequately through nutritious meals. For the best health, choose the best dry kitten food with high-quality ingredients.


As an ideal source of protein for kittens, chicken is low in sodium & fat. It is low-calorie meat, which is easy to digest for kittens and provides energy for playing or walking around. High-quality chicken meat is rich in omega-6, which helps maintain your kitten’s shiny coat and strength.

Kennel Kitchen’s meal contains 70% chicken

Kennel Kitchen’s dry food contains fresh chicken that is air-dried at low temperature, to give your kitten the best taste and health. Chicken being the key ingredient with its benefits such as digestion, makes Kennel Kitchen’s kibble the best dry cat food for kittens.

Herbs & Fruits

These are the powerhouse of nutrients, fibre, vitamins and natural antioxidants. Their ability to enhance natural immunity, strengthen joints, increase coat health and maintain urinary tract health, makes them some of the most vital supplements in your kitten’s diet.

Kennel Kitchen contains 30% superfoods

Kennel Kitchen selects fresh vegetables, herbs and superfoods with careful consideration for your kitten’s health. Maintaining their top physical condition and building their natural immunity is always Kennel Kitchen’s priority.

Grain-Free & Preservative Free

Your kitten’s anatomy and metabolism are that of a meat-eater and therefore, their diet must not contain grains or any processed food from animal sources. The quality of your kitten’s food has a significant impact on their overall health and this can be only made sure when their food is free from chemical substances, fillers and preservatives.

Kennel Kitchen offers wholesome dry food

Kennel Kitchen’s food is formulated with 100% wholesome foods and 0% preservatives.

Our recipe has a grain-free formula and entails freshly sourced chicken along with a long list of superfoods. This formula supports and strengthens your kitten’s immune system. Start the journey of your kitten’s growth with the best wholesome food. Shop holistic dry cat food for kittens here.