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Wet Puppy Food

Experiences to cherish are always the ones which bring you unparalleled joys, one such intrinsic feeling is when you bring a puppy into your home. The prime step to make your puppy’s life sound is choosing the right food to feed them to ensure a fitting foundation. This is to ensure their good health, right from the start!

Puppies grow up quickly, therefore they need the best of nutrition and certain types of vitamins with caloric value to help them grow up into healthy and happy dogs.

It’s essential to feed only the best puppy wet food to your young companion. Food that focuses on the main areas that need 100% nutrition and development - the immune system, internal organs, bones, joints, and muscles.

Choose from Kennel Kitchen’s range of wholesome wet puppy food. Serve preservative-free, filler-free (No corn, soy & wheat), nutritious and delicious meals to your furry friend. Give them the gift of health with taste!

Kennel Kitchen’s Supreme Cuts in Gravy

This is a limited ingredient recipe containing a high percentage of fresh meat. It is a single source of protein available in 4 different varieties - Chicken, Fish (tuna), Lamb (boneless) & Chicken Liver. Single source protein means that only one source of meat goes into each of the varieties, thus ensuring healthy energy levels and easier digestibility.

This recipe also has the superfood Pumpkin, a natural source of fibre and antioxidants. It contains a high concentration of Vitamin A & potassium, which helps in regulating blood pressure, muscular health and improves digestion.

Kennel Kitchen’s Chicken Casserole

This is a highly digestible recipe which has been formulated specifically for puppies under the age of 12 months. It contains premium natural high quality deboned chicken, wholesome rice and vegetables to help promote muscle growth & development.

Kennel Kitchen’s Chunks in Gravy

These are delicious chunks made with the perfect balance of protein to fat ratio to maintain lean and strong bodies. Available in two varieties, 100% natural chicken meat and deboned lamb, this recipe is made with regionally sourced premium quality real meat which promotes healthy joints, strong muscles, immunity, bones and teeth.

Make The Right Choice

To support your puppy’s growth and to keep him fit, feed him the essential proteins and natural vitamins present in our range of meaty chunks, delicious casseroles and gravy-licious supreme cuts.