Our Dry Food Formula

Dry Food

Fresh Ingredients

No. 1 Ingredient in our recipe’s is always fresh chicken or salmon.

Dry Food

Made in Netherlands

Our dry food recipe’s are manufactured in Netherlands with fresh regional ingredients.

Dry Food

Grain free

Never made with grains, corn or soy.

Dry Food

Ingredient Recipe

All our recipe’s are formulated with limited number of carefully selected ingredients in order to provide optimum and complete nutrition for your pets. Our no.1 ingredient is always fresh chicken or salmon.

Dry Food

Slow dried
Chicken / Salmon

Typically meat meals are rendered at high temperatures. Kennel Kitchen recipe’s are composed of fresh chicken or salmon that is air dried at a low temperature, which helps in preserving the nutritional quality of the chicken or salmon.

Dry Food

Super Foods

Packed with Spriluina, Echinacea, Celery, Glucosamine, Chondriotin, Thyme, Basil, Flax Seeds, Carrot, Nettle, Prunes, Mango and Cranberry. Kennel Kitchen recipe’s contain a variety of super foods that are essential for your pets health.

Dog Food


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The Best Dry Dog Food For Your Pooch!

Your dog deserves the best, and we, at Kennel Kitchen® strive to provide the best dry dog food in the market. We provide a variety of options in dry dog food, specially tailored to suit different breeds and ages, from dry puppy food, to dry adult dog food!

Kennel Kitchen®’s Dry Dog Food is manufactured in the Netherlands with fresh chicken and fresh salmon. Our Dry Dog Food recipes are grain-free and are well suited for dogs who are allergic to wheat or gluten.

We’d like you to know that the number one ingredient in our Dry Dog Food range is always fresh chicken or fresh salmon. Our recipes involve the choicest of ingredients that provide optimum nutrition.

Our Dry Dog Food range contains superfoods such as spirulina, flax seeds, glucosomaine, and chondriotin that are essential for providing optimum nutrition for your four-legged buddy. It is important that your pet gets these nutrients for their proper growth, health, and coat. Whether your canine companion is an adorable puppy or a wise-beyond-his-years senior dog, you can now keep your best friend healthy and happy with Kennel Kitchen®’s dry dog food.