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Kitten Wet Food

A kitten is a pure bundle of joy and it’s delightful to watch them grow. When you bring home a kitten, its weight can double or triple within the first few weeks of its life. To support its amazing growth and enjoy their cute kitten behaviour, it’s important to choose the rightkitten wet food.

The right choice of kitten wet food facilitates the growth of your kitten into a strong and healthy, while the wrong choice can lead to many health problems in the future.

When it comes to making this decision, Kennel Kitchen’s ‘Tuna in Jelly’ is the most suitable wet food for kittens of all types of breeds and size.

Before you shop with us, we advise you to read and understand the numerous benefits of tuna in your kitten’s diet.

Growth & Development

Tuna is rich in proteins and amino acids which help boost your kitten’s muscle and tissue growth and promotes the growth of other body organs.

Boosts Immunity

The natural immunity booster for your kitten is tuna. It contains a high concentration of vitamin B12, C, manganese and potassium that make it tougher for diseases, bacterial and pathogens to attack your kitten.

Rich in Antioxidants

Tuna contains anti-inflammatory agents which help your kitten get rid of free radicals and provides lots of antioxidants.

High Energy Levels

Feeding tuna to your kitten ensures the intake of vital omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B complex and thiamine, that keep it lively and energetic.

Enhances Blood Circulation

Tuna is a good source of iron, niacin, potassium and riboflavin which enhances blood circulation and reproduction of cells in your kitten’s body.

Kennel Kitchen - The Nutrition Expert

Kennel Kitchen’s grain-free, natural tuna pate is made with the perfect balance of protein to fat ratio to help make your kitten’s body lean and strong. Each pack of ‘Tuna in Jelly’ is uniquely blended with variety and loads of vitamins, calcium, biotin, proteins and antioxidants. It’s made with 100% natural premium quality tuna meat which is regionally sourced and free from preservatives, artificial flavours and colours.

For feeding your kitty, a nutritious treat it’ll love to devour, Kennel Kitchen is your one-stop nutrition expert in providing 100% complete and balanced best kitten wet food.