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Dry Cat Food

Those purrs are one of the most precious things for you in the world, then why not preserve and sustain them with the best. For them to thrive, they need healthy & wholesome food at every stage of their being. As a CatParent, it is elementary to feel worried about your cat’s diet & ensure a nutrient-rich diet for them.
Here’s what you need to look for when choosing the right ​dry cat food​ for your cat’s health & development.


A top-notch exclusive ingredients diet provides optimum & complete nutrition for your furry friend. With essential vitamins & minerals, you have to look for ingredients that include superfoods such as Spirulina, Celery, Thyme, Flax Seeds etc. These act as potent catalysts for immunity, joint strengthening, coat health and serve as completely natural antioxidants.

​Kennel Kitchen caters to these needs

For that purr-fect shine, provide your cat(s) with all the right superfoods. Kennel Kitchen is committed to using fresh ingredients in making nutritious,​ soft dry cat food ​that suits cats of all age groups and is easily palatable.


Feeding the right way stems from the fact that your cat enjoys a no-fuss feeding with absolutely no-hassles. They not only are open to try new flavours but also get bummed by the routine of the same food everyday.

Kennel Kitchen adds flavour to their hunger pangs

Kennel Kitchen adds flavours and various benefits of chicken and salmon, two major flavours appreciated by cats. These are not only freshly composed but also air-dried at low temperatures resulting in protein-rich, flavorful nutrition.

High Protein Ratio

To keep your cat active throughout the day, a high protein diet is important. Choose dry food with a high ratio of necessary ingredients such as chicken or salmon, that provides essential amino acids, energy, lean muscle and immunity.

Kennel Kitchen understands the right ratio

For your cat to be 100% nutritionally healthy and enjoy a meaty delicious meal, Kennel Kitchen recipes are made of 70% freshly sourced chicken and salmon, 30% fresh vegetables and 0% grains.

On the basis of Age

When buying dry food for your cat, always check the food that suits your cat as per its age. A kitten requires a different set of nutrition as opposed to an adult cat and the two should not be mixed.

Kennel Kitchen is for kittens & adult cats

Kennel Kitchen prepares food that is nutritionally tailored to a kitten and a cat individually, with feeding instructions as per their growth.

Avoid Bad Substances

While choosing your cat’s food, you need to watch out for any content that your cat is allergic to or content(s) that may harm your cat in unknown ways.

​Shop the ​best dry cat food​ at Kennel Kitchen

Goodness comes in a wholesome bowl of Kennel Kitchen Dry Cat Food. A perfect blend of hygienically made & preservative free food which comes with no fillers and is completely grain free. We believe your cat deserves the best and we bring that with 100% love & care.