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Adult Cat Dry Food

Cats have always been independent creatures. This owes a lot to their distinctive and demanding nature. There is a need for them to be fed with only the finest. With respect to this, adult cats require food rich in protein and balanced levels of essential amino acids.

To ensure your cat’s wellbeing, it is important that you know the source of these requirements & how can you, the pet parent, meet them adequately through a nutritious and trusted adult cat dry food.


Salmon is an ideal source of protein for adult cats and since it is known to be naturally non-allergenic, it is also great for cats with sensitive digestion. The meat of Salmon is high in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties and also improves the quality of hair and skin. Kennel Kitchen’s meal contains 70% salmon Kennel Kitchen’s dry food contains fresh salmon that is air-dried at low temperature, to give a protein-rich air-dried salmon for your cat. The use of salmon as a major ingredient and its positive impact on digestion, also makes Kennel Kitchen the best dry food for senior cats.

Herbs & Fruits

These are the powerhouses of nutrients, fibre, vitamins and natural antioxidants. Their ability to promote natural immunity, strengthen joints, increase coat health and maintain urinary tract health, makes them as one of the vital supplements in your cat’s diet.

Kennel Kitchen contains 30% superfoods

Kennel Kitchen selects fresh vegetables, herbs and superfoods with careful consideration for your cat’s health benefits. Maintaining their top physical condition and building their natural immunity is always Kennel Kitchen’s priority.

Grain-Free & Preservative Free

Your cat’s anatomy and metabolism are that of a meat-eater and therefore, its diet must not contain grains or any processed food from animal sources. The quality of your cat’s food has a significant impact on its overall health and this can be only made sure when its food is free from chemical substances, fillers or preservatives.

Kennel Kitchen offers wholesome dry food

With respect to your cat’s natural dietary need, Kennel Kitchen’s food is formulated with 100% wholesome foods and 0% preservatives and fillers. Our recipe has a grain-free formula and is rich in freshly sourced meat such as Salmon with a long list of superfoods that maintain the perfect physical condition and immune system support of your feline friend. To get the best adult dry cat food, shop today from Kennel Kitchen!