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Adult Cat Food

Cats are often picky eaters. They are particular about what they eat and don’t settle for just about anything. As a cat parent, you need to keep both varieties of wet food and dry food at home to meet your cat's needs and desires.

Food options, need to be nutrient-rich for their proper development. It’s important to learn to choose the best adult cat food to maintain your cat’s healthy growth. And, this is where you can trust Kennel Kitchen!

Understand their Need

Being a CatParent, it is important to choose and understand what food is good for your kitten. Unfortunately, due to lack of right information & guidance, most parents aren’t able to recognize the fact that their kitten has specific needs that must be met. Also, due to the numerous options to shop for when it comes to kitten food online and offline, it can become difficult and confusing to choose the best nutrition for your kitten.

Kennel Kitchen understands this specific need for complete nutrition and bridges this with its dry and wet range of wholesome kitten food that provides a growing kitten with the right nourishment and health.

Feed them Naturally

Cats are natural carnivores and they need to be fed like one. This means, as per their natural diet, they must consume protein. In the wild, big cats derive their protein by hunting and eating muscle meat of other animals. In contrast, domestic cats and kittens depend on us to fulfil this need. For the maintenance of your kitten’s good health, this nutritional ingredient must be high in content. This would only ensure your kitten’s immunity and boost their skin and coat health.

Kennel Kitchen is a completely natural way of fulfilling this necessity through a grain-free diet and delicious meals with 70% meat and essential superfoods for your kitten. Something much better and nutritious than regular homemade kitten food!

Add Variety to Meals

Your cat can get bored eating the same food, in the same way, every day. Feeding wet food containing fresh tuna or chicken will keep its meal-time interesting and nutritionally benefit with a lean and strong body.

Kennel Kitchen’s mission is to offer the healthiest range of cat food, free from fillers, preservatives, artificial flavours and colours. We are the experts in providing complete and balanced nutrition for your feline friend!